Phone / Skype Sessions

Why Hypnotherapy-by-Phone?

Hypnotherapy-by-Phone is an easily accessible and effective way to help you achieve your goals in the privacy of your own home, at a convenient time. You can also have your hypnotherapy sessions while on vacation or a business trip. Through the use of your telephone you can overcome your problems and achieve the same goals you would achieve in the office session.

Should you decide to have a phone session, you will be expected to initiate the phone call at the agreed upon date and time.

Why Hypnotherapy-by-Skype?

If you have access to a computer equipped with a Webcam and a microphone, you can have hypnotherapy sessions by Skype. This type of session also allows you to achieve your goals in the privacy of your home, but the fact that we can see each other during a cognitive part of the session makes it more personal. Another benefit of sessions by Skype is that there are no phone charges involved. Skype is a free video chat program.

How to Prepare for your phone / Skype Sessions
  • If you are to have a phone session, designate a quiet, comfortable area in your home.
  • It is advisable to use a headset to allow your body to relax completely. Make sure the headset is connected and in working condition.
  • Reduce the distractions in your environment: disconnect all other phones, pagers, cell phone, and turn off the television, etc.
  • Advise other occupants of your household to refrain from disturbing you until your session is over; plan your session at a time and in a place where you are not likely to be disturbed.
  • You may wish to create an atmosphere of relaxation by lighting a candle, or dimming the lights.
  • Loosen tight clothing, remove belts and/or tight shoes.
  • Make sure the clothes you wear keep you warm or cover yourself with a blanket or throw.
  • Make yourself as comfortable as possible, preferably in reclining position. Position yourself in a way that supports your body safely. In other words, in a way that allows your body to relax limply without the possibility of falling.
  • If you are to have a Skype session, adjust a Webcam in such a way that your face is in camera view; Make sure microphone is on and sound quality is sufficient.
  • Uncross your arms and legs, straighten your spine, and allow your energy flow, unimpeded.
Take 10 Slow, Deep Breaths....

Make yourself as comfortable as possible... sitting or reclining with your spine straight and your arms and legs uncrossed. Close your eyes.

As you take your first breath, say silently, to yourself the number "One". Breathe in as deeply as is comfortable for you.... inhaling through your nostrils, filling and expanding your abdomen. Imagine you're inhaling radiant energy... fresh air... and fresh thoughts ideas and energy.

Exhalation: Breathe out fully and completely... through your mouth.... Imagine you're exhaling negative or stale thoughts, ideas and energy.... Allow all of the air to fully flow out of your body. Before you begin the next inhalation.... say, silently... to yourself, "Relax".

Repeat the above for each of the 10 breaths... (numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10). Imagine that each inhalation is slowly filling a bright blue balloon in your belly, or that you are inhaling positive thoughts and energy and exhaling the negative. Breathe rhythmically... slowly... and fully. After the tenth exhalation is completed... slowly open your eyes and notice how relaxed you are.
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