Hypnosis Helps Pain and Discomfort Disappear
There are different types of pain: acute pain and chronic pain.

If your pain is a result of surgery or physical trauma, the acute pain will disappear when the body heals. The techniques I use will accelerate healing while reducing and eventually eliminating pain.

I also can help with chronic pain. Chronic pain is draining, isolating and extremely stressful. My personal experience of living with chronic pain gives me a true understanding of how chronic pain affects all aspects of life. I am confident that to treat cases of chronic pain it is necessary to adjust your thoughts and emotional responses to both your pain and external factors.

Scientific studies show that our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies on a physical level. I often work alongside a team of medical doctors who provide traditional medical treatment to patients with identifiable causes of pain, such as arthritis, cancer, shingles or rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors recognize that pain increases with mental or emotional factors like stress, anxiety or and negative emotions. In addition to assisting with pain control, I help clients to control and then change their thoughts, emotions and reactions to the pain and stressful situations in their lives. When anxiety is replaced with a calm and positive attitude, the pain intensity significantly lessens.

Sometimes doctors cannot identify the cause of chronic pain, yet the pain is very real. It is widely accepted by the medical community that this type of pain may be caused by mental or emotional factors. Chest pain or a headache may be caused by stress. Back and neck pain may be caused by fears or worry, and abdominal pain may be caused by the inability to release negative emotions. Working within this scope, I successfully help clients who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, migraines or irritable bowel syndrome.

The techniques I use are absolutely safe and drug-free. Furthermore, there are no side effects.

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I help my clients to heal their past, improve their present and create the future of their choice in a safe and non-judgmental environment with complete confidentiality. My holistic approach encompasses the techniques I have mastered as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Guided Imagery Facilitator and Energy Practitioner.