Hypnosis - Your Secret Weapon for Pre- and Post-Surgery
Facing a surgical procedure can be nerve-wracking because you have no idea how it is going to turn out. You may be fearful about the procedure itself, the effects of anesthesia, pain during the recovery process, post-surgical complications, or following your doctor's orders. These are all valid concerns.

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis has proven to be incredibly helpful before, during and after surgery. Here's why. When you are anxious, your body becomes tense, which may create physical discomfort, a rise in blood pressure, an increase in blood sugar, or an irregular heartbeat. As a result, your body may not function properly, causing adverse effects before the surgery has even started.

Preparing Your Mind and Body for Surgery

Because everyone is different, I customize each session to your specific needs. During a pre-surgery session, I'll work with you on reducing and often eliminating your anxiety. This process helps to ensure a deep and restful nightly sleep, particularly the night before the surgery. By creating a physical and emotional balance, I can help to stabilize your blood pressure, blood sugar and heartbeat so that they are in optimal condition to undergo surgery.

However, being able to remain calm and relaxed is only one component of the larger picture. Hypnosis also assists in helping you transition in and out of anesthesia more easily, lessening the amount of anesthetic needed for the surgery, and controlling bleeding during the procedure.

Dealing with Post-Surgical Pain and Anxieties

Once your surgery has occurred, you will likely experience pain, both physical and emotional. Just as hypnotherapy was able to prepare you for surgery, it has had similar success post-surgery. I have worked with patients who have undergone everything from heart surgery to knee replacement, and from gastric sleeve bypass to organ transplants.

Depending on the clients' needs I can help them to:
  • Reduce, or, in some cases, eliminate pain
  • Accelerate recovery
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase energy levels
  • Follow prescribed eating plan with ease
  • To be satisfied with smaller portions
  • Instill a motivation to move and exercise
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