Hypnosis is the Drug-free Solution to Insomnia
Poor sleep is a common problem and can seriously affect your life.

Whatever the symptoms, all people who suffer from insomnia have something in common: in the morning they all feel exhausted, irritable and unable to concentrate.

Sleep is Not a Luxury, it is a Necessity!

During the sleep cycle our muscles relax, and our mind and physiological functions slow down. This allows your body and mind to restore and rejuvenate itself. Damaged tissue and nerve cells get repaired and renewed, physiological processes are re-started and the immune system gets strengthened.

Prolonged lack of sleep can be dangerous to your health, physical as well as mental. Getting the rest we need is related to the metabolism and hormones in our body, so lack of sleep is directly responsible for excessive body weight.

Insomnia affects memory and concentration, and is often responsible for many relationship problems. When we do not sleep, we become irritable and impatient. It is also known to lead to depression.

Some people use sleep medications, some – natural products. They usually do not work well, because the problem that causes you not to sleep is still unresolved.

Hypnotherapy is a proven successful drug-free solution to many sleep problems. It is safe, and the result is quick and lasting.

There are 58 million people in the U.S. who suffer from lack of sleep. If you are one of those 58 million, call me today for a free consultation or to make an appointment. I can help.
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