Relieve Your Stress and Anxiety with Hypnotherapy
For most people, even professionals, the terms “stress” and “anxiety” are interchangeable, but that is not necessarily correct. Stress and anxiety appear to have a lot in common. Even physical symptoms, like rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, and headaches, can impact both people experiencing stress and those living with anxiety.

The symptoms of anxiety and stress are caused by the same chemical, but the difference is psychological. Simply said, stress is a normal response to a nerve-racking situation, while anxiety is largely caused by worry.

Stress is a logical response to a specific situation.

Short-term stress may play a positive role. It indicates that something in our life requires attention. It often stimulates us to take some action and resolve the situation or change our behavior.

Frequent or prolonged stress, however, can have profound negative effects on your physical and psychological state.

Stress is a fact of life. We can't eliminate all stressful situations. The good news is: with hypnotherapy we can alter our perceptions and reactions to stressful situations.

Anxiety is a physiological process. It is not logical.

Anxiety is the body's reaction to prolonged stress or worry. It often comes from fear and worries about what is to come. Because anxiety is a physiological process, sometimes people feel anxious without logically knowing why.

Anxiety often involves long-lasting, draining, and seemingly unfounded feelings of apprehension and nervousness.

To control those feelings, some people use medications, while others use natural products. These are not permanent solutions, because the fears and worries that cause stress and anxiety are still in your mind.

Through hypnotherapy I offer a proven successful drug-free solution to stress and anxiety. It is safe, quick, and lasting.

In hypnotherapy sessions, we define the sources of stress in your life and your physical and emotional responses to them. Then, through hypnosis, your perceptions and reactions to stressful situations are modified.

For those living with anxiety, we identify fearful thoughts that cause anxiety and replace them with positive ones.

You also will learn various relaxation techniques to use any time you face a stressful situation.

After just a few hypnotherapy sessions you will notice major positive changes in your attitude and reactions and will start enjoying a greatly improved quality of life.

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