“Vera Levoff has been my angel of mercy - getting me through major surgery and recovery, addressing stomach problems which could not be resolved with medications, as well as dealing with deep-rooted unresolved family issues. Vera takes hypnotherapy to a new level. She has an innate talent for getting to the root of an issue, physical or emotional, and in her amazing way, provides relief. I am grateful to have found Vera and would highly recommend her!”
- Nancy M., Northridge
“Vera Levoff is an outstanding clinical hypnotherapist. She is smart,  knowledgeable, and vastly skilled. I refer my clients to Vera when there are specific issues more easily addressed through hypnotherapy than psychotherapy - such as pain management, anxiety related to tests, flying, surgery or illness, and much more. My clients tell me of amazing results with her. Vera listens carefully and compassionately to what her clients say and designs an individualized, supportive approach for each.

I recommend Vera Levoff highly. She is someone I trust completely.”
- Judi L.. West Hills
“Vera is an incredible hypnotherapist who has helped both my son and I work through a variety of obstacles in life. I cannot say enough about her talent in helping to turn situations around. She is empathetic, comforting, and has an innate ability to connect with her clients. I highly recommend her!”
- Robin K., Chatsworth
“Vera Levoff is one of the most caring and wise people I have ever met. Her ability to help people navigate through life issues and internal conflict is simply unparalleled. I have been in Vera's capable hands for various issues over the past couple of years. Through her ability to tap into my subconscious mind, we have been able to break through barriers that I have been struggling with for many years. One of the barriers was a financial ceiling I was hitting every year. Under hypnosis, we reprogrammed an image I had as a child that was holding me back from building the most successful career possible. It was such an emotional release! I love that Vera records the sessions so you can listen to them at night and reinforce the work done in her studio. She is an angel on this earth helping people be the best versions of themselves - and live the life they were meant to enjoy.”
- Jennifer M., West Hills
“Vera has helped me change my life! I have spent my entire life struggling with my weight and going up and down. After having several sessions Vera helped me to clear issues underlying my weight gain and visualize my ideal body. She is patient and excellent at what she does! I was able to lose a significant amount of weight in 2014 and have not gained weight since. I am often amazed at my transformation when I look at myself in the mirror. Thanks to Vera, I am off the weight loss/gain "yoyo"!”
- Zeena B., Chatsworth
“I came to see Vera because I was eating candy, junk food late in the evenings. Within 3 sessions I noticed that I wasn't grabbing a candy bar, ice cream or a piece of junk food in the evenings anymore. Vera is brilliant, professional and gets results. She is not your standard, run of the mill hypnotherapist. She is caring and focused on you 100%. If you have anything you are struggling with, call Vera NOW!”
- Ann M., Los Angeles
“Working with Vera was a key turning point in my health. Before I met her I had been living with fibromyalgia, insomnia, and chronic fatigue for 5 years. I had been on about 7 or 8 different medications and none helped to the point where I could work a full time job without falling apart.

It was a relief to meet someone who not only understood what I was going through but who was able to help me to heal.

Within 6 consecutive hypnotherapy sessions, I already saw and felt results. After 3 months of consistent work with Vera, I was 100% pain free and I could fall and stay asleep without struggle.

Vera genuinely cares about each and every one of her clients and is excellent at her craft. There's no one like her and I consider it a blessing from God that she was brought into my life!"
- Rachel T., Redondo Beach
“I heard Vera talk about how hypnotherapy could help increase job productivity. I knew it could help with other things like weight loss and smoking, but was skeptical as to how it could increase job productivity. In talking with Vera, I realized that I didn’t understand how hypnotherapy worked. I’ve worked with her for a while and there is definitely a change in my job productivity. I’ve certainly benefited from working with her. Vera’s kind, empathetic approach and insight is golden. And she can help you with so much more than just this. Don’t wait, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. I doubt you will regret it.”
- Colleen K., Northridge
“I started to see Vera Levoff to help me with my Rheumatoid Arthritis to manage my pain. Within months I was moving better and able to cut down on some of my medication. Her awareness, insight and understanding surpassed my expectations. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a medical problem but I was looking for another answer and I found it with Vera.”
- Lupe M., Woodland Hills
“My husband had a stroke. He could not control movement of his left leg and arm, was deeply depressed, angry and could not sleep. Our medical doctor suggested that I call Vera. She said that Vera specializes in Medical Hypnosis and helped many of her patients in situations when medications could not help. Vera came to the rehabilitation center and after just one session I noticed a difference in my husband's attitude. He told me that he slept like a baby and was no longer angry. Because of Vera's professional skills, understanding and compassion during the following sessions my husband's physical and emotional condition greatly improved. I was so impressed with Vera's abilities. If you live with physical or emotional pain, do not sleep or experience anxiety or depression, call Vera. I know she will help you!”
- Mila G., Encino
“I had an emotional block that was hindering me from growing my business and enjoying success. I had four sessions with Vera where we explored the reasons for my issues. After each session I walked away feeling better and better. I now have confidence in being a successful entrepreneur without the feeling of inadequacy or self-worth I felt before. Vera provided me with audio recordings to use as a reinforcement to my visits with her. I strongly recommend Vera if you need help releasing certain blocks from your mind that are holding you back… whether it involves your health, wealth or business. Vera is very in tune with issues that are at the heart of your problem.”
- Julia C., West Hills
“I approached Vera about an issue that I was not sure how to address. It was definitely a mental block affecting my personal life and I was honestly skeptical that hypnotherapy would be effective. In the exact amount of sessions promised, Vera got me the exact result I wanted. Thank you Vera! You're a life changer.”
- Spencer L., Chatsworth
“I was recommended to Vera by my medical doctor. I was anxious, had problems with sleeping and depression, but didn't want to take tons of medications. I'm amazed at how much my hypnotherapy sessions resolved so many of my problems without the need for medications, and they have helped me feel more confident and balanced. For the first time in my life, I felt that this time was about ME, not everyone else. Vera is an amazing hypnotherapist. She is clearly passionate about helping her clients, and at the heart of her practice is her concern that her clients get the best possible experience tailored to their individual needs.”
- Gayle Z., Canoga Park
“Vera Levoff helped me through a life threatening illness. I had an allergic reaction to a medication. I was in a coma for 9 days. While in intensive care I was infected with Strep A bacteria. I spent months between the hospital and rehab. The infection would not go away.

Through hypnotherapy, Vera helped me to use my internal strength to begin recovery. I started to relax and was able to sleep. I started to smile again.

It has been 18 months since my visit to emergency. I am almost back to normal.

Vera has been an important part of my recovery. I don't think I would have made it without her extraordinary skills as hypnotherapist. She has a healing soul, and is an extremely caring and skilled practitioner.”
- Doreen A., Woodland Hills
“Vera Levoff is a compassionate, understanding, skilled hypnotherapist with expertise in medical hypnotherapy. She is also capable of helping to alter negative responses and behaviors. Vera is attentive and caring and has helped me with sleep issues, relationship issues, competitive sports issues and a host of other conditions just a little too personal to discuss in this review.

She is technologically savvy and will gladly do phone or skype sessions. She ALWAYS sends me an email with a recording of our session, so that I can listen on days in between appointments.”
- Brett A., Van Nuys
“I went to see Vera because I had several issues to deal with that caused me tremendous anguish. Vera is a very professional, highly qualified, talented, thorough, and caring hypnotherapist. Her sessions proved to be invaluable. I am a better person for having engaged Vera and her hypnotherapy. Working with Vera became an important part of my way to deal with a difficult period in my life. I highly recommend hypnotherapy and I passionately recommend Vera to be your hypnotherapist.”
- Paul M., Canoga Park
“I can't say enough wonderful things about Vera! Seeing her is a life-changing experience.”
- Debbie F., Woodland Hills
“Not many people are as skeptical as I am. Before we met, I thought to myself, “Either I am going to be happy I went through the experience or I would be kicking myself for making a bad decision.” Fortunately the decision was the right one and I am much the better for it. Vera is a very warm and caring person, who really knows what she is doing.

I had an apprehension about an upcoming surgery, as well as dealing with some new health challenges. I received relief almost immediately, and ongoing visits have helped me a great deal. The best part of Vera's help is that I avoided unneeded medications and did not have to deal with the dreaded side effects of the same.

I would highly recommend Vera to anyone and am very grateful that I found her.”
- Steve B., West Hills
“I would like to start off by saying that Vera is extraordinary; there has never been a time when I had gone to see her and didn't witness incredible life changing results. With her help, I was able to release a lot of emotional baggage that was really bogging me down. With Vera’s help I could put the past to rest.

Her demeanor is kind and compassionate, but she is also no-nonsense. I don't think you'd ever suspect anyone who seems to be so sweet also to be so sharp and on it when it comes to solving problems.

It's easy to feel comfortable around her, because she really does care and genuinely enjoys what she does. And she's great at it! Not imposing in the least, she will work with you and your vision of what you'd like to change and become, and she understands how to cater to different people with different mindsets. Undoubtedly, she is adaptable and dynamic.

She is definitely not just a hypnotherapy practitioner - she is a hypnotherapeutic artist. What she does is more than just work, it is her art.”
- Natalie Z., West Hills
“Vera is very good at what she does. She has helped me immensely. I would strongly recommend trying her services to see the amazing power of your mind. As a psychiatrist, I fully respect the power of the mind....and Vera has helped me access that power! Many of the things you believe to be out of your reach are really very achievable as long as your mind approaches the "obstacle" correctly and Vera can help you approach your goal correctly!”
- Jason K., Moorpark
“I came to see Vera because I had difficulty to fall asleep and stay asleep. It was great. I went for a few sessions and sleep is no longer a problem. I was thoroughly impressed with Vera. Very professional, very caring and very down to earth. I have also seen her for other issues and she has been incredibly helpful. I've recommended her hypnotherapy and energy healing to a number of people. I strongly recommend seeing her.”
- Gail M., Panorama City
“Vera is a very skillful hypnotherapist. She is non-judgmental and very caring. I feel like I am in great hands when working with her. She educated me on the process of hypnotherapy and how it works. There is no mystery there! She's helped me with nail biting and stress management. Everyone I've recommended to Vera has been thrilled with their results.”
- Karen R., Encino
“Thanks to Vera, I took and passed an impossible professional exam. Before her sessions I was afraid even to take it....She is so fabulous...Charming and so easy to be with....”
- Walter H., Chatsworth
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