Why Hypnosis is the Key to Weight Loss and Eating Habits
Why Do We Get Overweight?

Most people who are overweight eat not only when they are physically hungry, but when they are stressed, upset or bored. For many of us, food corresponds with comfort.

Our subconscious mind has a major impact on how we relate to food and on our eating habits. Unconscious patterns that have developed in childhood can take over the logical part of the mind. The only way to make weight loss permanent is to change those patterns.

With hypnotherapy, we can eliminate cravings and unhealthy habits and change your relationship with food and exercise.

There is also another reason why some people have difficulty in getting rid of unwanted weight: negative emotions. When we are scared, upset, hurt or have low self-image, our body tries to protect us the only way it knows how. It creates a physical protection – layers of fat around us. By addressing and resolving emotional issues and improving your self-image, you let your body know that physical protection is no longer needed and it will let go of the weight.

Hypnotherapy is a drug-free way to lose weight permanently in a healthy and natural way.

Medical Conditions That Require a Specific Diet

Eliminating cravings, unhealthy habits and changing a relationship with food is very important not only to people who want to lose weight but also to those with Medical conditions that require a specific diet. For example, with hypnosis, I can help diabetics stop craving sweets and carbs and help people with high blood pressure to enjoy salt- free food.

Eating Disorders

Hypnotherapy can also be very helpful for people who suffer from various eating disorders. When a person is suffering from an eating disorder, their relationship with food is only a symptom of much deeper issues. Often there are problems with anxiety, stress, self-esteem, body image, peer pressure and sometimes trauma, to name a few. Hypnosis can help to uncover many of the negative thought patterns and corresponding emotions which lie at the foundation of an eating disorder.

Because of the severity and complexities of these conditions, a comprehensive and professional treatment team specializing in eating disorders is often required to begin establishing healing and recovery. As a part of the treatment team, the hypnotherapist can help with stress, anxiety or insomnia. Hypnosis also can help with removing negative thoughts and emotions that happen to be triggers for undesired behavior.

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